About Augustów Houseboats


The company embarked on charter activity as a step in the implementation of a vision that for many years slowly gained more and more feasible shapes.

We come from Augustów and for years we took advantage of what the wonderful surroundings had to offer – taking it all for granted. Only our departure from Augustów for university and further travels both near and far made us realise how incredibly lucky we are to come from such a unique place and how few people know of it.


From such reflections which came upon us in Russia, New Zealand, USA, Mongolia, Thailand, China, Croatia or Italy we dreamt up an idea to present the unique attractions of the  Augustów Forests to both our friends but also to a wider group of customers. For years at the back of our minds was a conviction that the Augustów Canal is both an exceptional heritage-listed construction but also it is a splendid place for canoeing or ship cruises.

It was only contact with houseboats that completed our vision they gave us a suitable, easy, comfortable and accessible vehicle to allow people who are planning comfortable holidays with their families to get to know the canal.


We spent a lot of time on choosing the right boat which should provide the right ratio of space, sailing autonomy, comfort, easy-usage and right price.

We are convinced that our boat offer, our service and passion will help make your dream of a relaxed holidays come true. A Holiday where the goal is a journey which you’ll fill with wonderful experiences.