Houseboat – life on a boat on the Augustów Canal


What is a houseboat? In our private dictionary, devised during discussions with customers, other charter operators as well as manufacturers, we use houseboat, barge, narrowboat, boat and (motor) yacht as synonyms. It is a flat bottomed boat, with relatively low draught and economical engine. A boat that moves through the water  quietly, slowly and cheaply, at the same time providing comfortable living space.


Thanks to its limited speed no formal certificate is required to use such a boat. At the beginning of your charter we’ll provide  short training session fully sufficient to control the boat.


A houseboat is a comfortable place to live, which gives you the freedom to travel.

Weekend 820 Houseboat


We offer you charter of two Weekend 820 houseboats manufactured by renowned Argo Yacht shipyard. Houseboats are equipped with  all the facilities enabling sailing comfort.


The boat is driven by either a quiet and fuel-efficient Suzuki 25 KM engine or Selva 40 KM engine which provides sufficient power supply in any weather circumstance.


Thanks to dimensions of 8,2m by 2,8m the boat provides appropriate living space for 7 people.


The crew may use 7 sleeping spaces arranged on 3 double berths: fore, after-deck, a one in the lounge after folding the table and a one-person berth next to the table.


Such a configuration is optimal for weekend breaks with friends. For longer journeys 2 couples or a family with children will travel in comfort.




Comfortable living space is provided by the cabin equipped with:

  • Fully kitted kitchen (two-burner cooker, running warm water, fridge, cupboards, set of saucepans, cups, plates and cutlery),
  • Dining area that comfortably seats 4
  • Very spacious front berth
  • Aft-cabin providing privacy
  • Separate WC, with chemical toilet and washbasin with hot water.

Heating on the boat – pleasure of sailing also on cooler days


The boat is fitted with a heating system, making it a warm, cosy place even in cool weather.

When it’s raining outside you stay warm sipping your steaming cup of tea contemplating the calm lake around, listening to the rain drumming on the roof…


Cockpit – your living space close to nature


Especially during hot summer weeks  life on the boat concentrates outside – in the roofed, very spacious cockpit, where your whole crew has enough space to play and relax throughout the whole journey. Additionally, thanks to the bathing platforms, which can be joined into one space with the cockpit through open rear benches, the boat is turned into floating island – a great base for swimming in the chain of beautiful lakes linked by the canal.


Tent – protecting you from wind and rain


The boat is ready for wind and rain, which you can leave outside simply by closing the whole cockpit with the tent, which with its transparent walls enables you to admire the beauty of the nature in the surrounding countryside.



Bow – your sun deck offering peace and quiet


Our experience shows that on each trip there is someone, who loves moments of quiet on his own. Such people can always be found on the bow of the boat, where they use the comfortable space on the cabin roof, making the most of the sunshine while listening to the bow cutting through the water.

One of the boats (Netta) is equipped with bicycle holders - very useful if you plan to sightsee also from the land.



A houseboat must be mobile – this is achieved by a quiet and fuel-efficient overboard engine. At the same time sailing in shallow and weedy waters isn’t a big issue – the engine may be easily lifted to clear a bolt from weeds or to approach beach directly with the after-deck.

Sailing safety


Boat manoeuvring is very easy and doesn’t require any qualifications. Before you start your journey we’ll explain to you how to use the boat safely and master some of most essential manoeuvers. 

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