A week on a houseboat – the Augustow Canal Trail


What is your dreamed-of adventure? With family..? Fishing..? Culinary..? Romantic..? Time spent on a houseboat on the Augustow Canal is a wonderful adventure in a 100 different ways – choose yours!

A hospitable place and an original way to get to know it. Your fulfilling holiday awaits you here!


Ingenious, original hydrotechnical solutions still provide the right amount of water in the canal even during long-lasting drought Thanks to them  80 km of the trail remaining within Polish borders is accessible from the water – in total a160 km round trip. For people who want to explore the Augustow Canal and surrounding lakes this means 7 days of sailing, 25 km a day (3,5 hours a day with a strolling pace of7 km/h). Additionally on each lock one needs to spend approximately 30 minutes with some more time for a possible wait for locking. In practice though even with an ambitious approach to sailing there still remains enough time everyday for laidback use of leisure time for your crew.


Amongst our most favourite entertainments there are:


  • Lazing about, doing nothing, contemplating nature
  • Reading books or magazines
  • Long, lazy talks on various subjects
  • Swimming in clean lakes
  • Leaving the boat for a few hours and changing over to a canoe
  • Using a bike to visit the nature reserves of the Augustow Forest, always hoping to meet a splendid deer or pair of flying eagles
  • Walks from which we often come back with berries, blueberries or fungi
  • Dipping a fishing-rod in the clear waters in hope of tasty quarry
  • Visiting vintage churches especially Studzieniczna or Mikaszówka where one can either admire the wooden architecture or lose yourself in contemplation
  • Making new acquaintances – the canal passes through areas inhabited by open-minded, hospitable and interesting people. This atmosphere affects also most tourists. Thanks to it every visit in a shop, bar or every passage through a lock may be an occasion to meet interesting people and hear their stories that might become an inspiration and an opportunity to see the world in a different light (and this, according to us, is the essence of travelling)
  • Benefit from favourable winds while windsurfing
  • Warming oneself up in a traditional sauna with cooling visits to the lake
  • Eating lots of kartacze, babka ziemniaczna, placki, pierogi, fish, tasty soups or sausage directly from a bon-fire
  • Spending evenings looking at the stars –  a night away from civilisation makes one aware of the fact that there are more of them and they are closer than one imagined or got used to in a city
  • Looking for hours at the  flames of a bonfire
  • Singing together
  • Playing cards or charades


The best thing about travelling in a houseboat on the canal is the freedom. You can do many things but you may also do nothing.