The Augustów Canal – what to expect?


The Canal is both a technical monument and a wonderful place of contact with nature. Its waters are still unspoilt by mass tourism. A place where even in high season one may find peace, wonderful views, wild birds and animals.


Peace and quiet


The wilderness of this area comes at the price of an infrastructure  less developed than in the Masurian Lakes marinas are seen basically only around Augustów and Przewięź but even there „water traffic” is much smaller than in Mikołajki or Giżycko.


Small harbours


On the Augustow Canal trail contact with civilisation is provided by small harbours, where the hospitality and invention of the hosts efficiently make up for any lack in the infrastructure. An inconspicuous deck / quay often means a place where you can find excellent food, access to electricity, comfortable but usually quite basic showers, a chance to fill up on water, in a word all a  person longing for civilisation might need.


Camping sites


Amongst the most delightful sleeping possibilities on the Augustów Canal Trail are those offered by camping sites by lakes. Thanks to the high autonomy of the houseboat (provided by capacious water and fuel tanks and batteries charged both during the work of engine and thanks to solar panels) one can spend several days without a need to come back to civilisation.