Charter – how to proceed?


  •  Check the availability of a boat in the chosen period (either on price list  page or by phone).
  •  Reserve your chosen period using either the form on the price list  page or by phone.
  •  You’ll receive a charter agreement and bank account number to proceed with advance payment.
  •  From this moment you’ll have 3 working days to make the advance payment of 30% of charter price (1000 pln for the standard price 3000 pln per week; full price list may be seen here )
  •  From the moment of accounting the payment to our balance the agreement is concluded and the boat shall await you in the port.
  •  On reception of the boat you should pay the remaining price of the charter.
  •  At the same time you’ll need to pay a deposit of 1000 PLN to cover potential damages which are not covered by Yacht Casco (an insurance included in the charter price).
  •  The deposit is returned to you on return of the boat with a deduction for cost of repair of potential damages.